Our scope is to have a positive impact o n crime victims and offenders. To bring restoration and positive changes to families and communities through our services. We are committed to healing emotional grief and trauma; eliminating the need to commit crimes through support, treatment, education, advocacy and activism. To bring peace and harmony throughout our community this will help offenders not to re-offend, as well as their victims finding peace within their self. We are addressing the drug abuse, violence, emotional pain, and lack of trust in our community. I want to do my part by helping and showing the young adults that there is always another way. Participation in this program will be a positive uplifting experience for the youth to teach them how to have a lifelong positive goals and objectives for a successful future by empowering the young adults on healthier life styles by education/workshops, through emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing. To let them know that there is a tomorrow. The goal is to de-program and to re-program the young adults ways of thinking, by allowing them to make conscious decisions and to be held accountable for their actions, in a positive way instead of going about it and reacting in a negative way to uniform peace ambassadors to uphold our community.

Victims & Offenders Recovery Community College.

Memorial For Victims - Redemption For Offenders

My mind plays tricks on me, With sinful thoughts and doubts of my faith Can I cry out, help me Jesus before it's too late. Not knowing if I'm wrong or Right, Can I still hold onto God with all my might? I stumble into a world of unworthiness covering up my pain, No one to understand me, No one to feel my shame Mind starts traveling into high gear Carrying all my anxiety, depression and fear, I am the lost sheep feeling locked out of the gate Why did I get so impatient, why didn't I wait. My humble state of mind cries out help me Jesus It's so dark I can't see A voice in a short distance whispers back Don't worry I'm here with thee. Just close your weary eyes and you will see It's not me running off leaving you It's you leaving me. I am the good Shepard and you know my voice Remember my child you do have a choice. You may call it a second chance But I call it my love, mercy, and grace Not one human being in this world has taken my place. Believe me when I say forgiveness is a very hard thing to do But forgiveness is much harder when you can't even forgive you.


Shanay Steward – Accountant/Office management

Reverend Ed Roy – Founder/Executive Director

Melvin Snoddy – Building Repair Supervisor

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