The Victims and Offender Recovery College is educational life experience seed, that wants to grow in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It also enhances the Restored Justice system to grow more in our Community by looking at homelessness /mental illness and violence, without separating the problems.  We not only want to give victims the tools and support they need but to also address the homeless and Criminal issues that comes along with a lot of Emotional Disorders.  Our V.O.R.C. program is one of its kind.  It doesn’t matter what side of the tracks your on, pain is hurt and hurt is pain, it’s even more painful when your already a victim of circumstances.  I lost my first-born Son and my grandson to murder.  I was about to be homeless with two children, no one wanted to rent to me.  I also remember being homeless and having something on my record, even though it was years ago, it still stop me from getting a place.  With survivors there is a lack of trust with the criminal justice system, with offenders it is hard for the one who have done their time to get a second chance.  If we don’t support both sides then our homeless system is set up to fail.  V.O.R.C. is truly dedicated to helping victims and offenders alike to overcome the barriers of day to day struggles and challenges.  That is why the schoolhouse is a Memorial Dedicated to love ones who lost their life to crimes and violence, with a Redemption mind set for the  offender wanting a second chance, getting reestablished in the community is hard but it is more harder living in a community when you lost someone.  We need your financial help and support! to continue building our workshops and classes.  We are 501c3 so any and all Donations are tax deductible.  Would you please help us keep planting the good seeds of peace.  Lets us open our eyes to the whole world so we can truly see the love within our hearts.


Reverend Ed Roy