Our scope is to have a positive impact on crime victims and offenders. To bring restoration and positive changes to families and communities through our services. We are committed to healing emotional grief and trauma; eliminating the need to commit crimes through support, treatment, education, advocacy and activism. To bring peace and harmony throughout our community this will help offenders not to re-offend, as well as their victims finding peace within their self.

We are addressing the drug abuse, violence, emotional pain, and lack of trust in our community. We want to do our part by helping and showing the young and older adults that there is always a better way. Participation in our program will be a positive uplifting experience for everyone involved. Our goal is to teach the community how to have lifelong positive goals and objectives for a successful future. by empowering them on healthier life styles and education/workshops, through emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing. To let them know that there is a tomorrow. The goal is to de-program and to re-program the young and older adults ways of thinking, by allowing them to make conscious decisions and to be held accountable for their actions, in a positive way instead of going about it and reacting in a negative way.  V.O.R.C. will aide in developing  uniform peace ambassadors to within our community.