Victims & Offenders Recovery Community College.

Memorial For Victims - Redemption For Offenders

My mind plays tricks on me, With sinful thoughts and doubts of my faith Can I cry out, help me Jesus before it's too late. Not knowing if I'm wrong or Right, Can I still hold onto God with all my might? I stumble into a world of unworthiness covering up my pain, No one to understand me, No one to feel my shame Mind starts traveling into high gear Carrying all my anxiety, depression and fear, I am the lost sheep feeling locked out of the gate Why did I get so impatient, why didn't I wait. My humble state of mind cries out help me Jesus It's so dark I can't see A voice in a short distance whispers back Don't worry I'm here with thee. Just close your weary eyes and you will see It's not me running off leaving you It's you leaving me. I am the good Shepard and you know my voice Remember my child you do have a choice. You may call it a second chance But I call it my love, mercy, and grace Not one human being in this world has taken my place. Believe me when I say forgiveness is a very hard thing to do But forgiveness is much harder when you can't even forgive you.

Founder of V.O.R.C.


The Victims and Offender Recovery College is educational life experience seed, that wants to grow in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It also enhances the Restored Justice system to grow more in our Community by looking at homelessness /mental illness and violence, without separating the problems. We not only want to give victims the tools and support they need but to also address the homeless and Criminal issues that comes along with a lot of Emotional Disorders. Our V.O.R.C. program is one of its kind. It doesn’t matter what side of the tracks your on, pain is hurt and hurt is pain, it’s even more painful when your already a victim of circumstances. I lost my first-born Son and my grandson to murder. I was about to be homeless with two children, no one wanted to rent to me. I also remember being homeless and having something on my record, even though it was years ago, it still stop me from getting a place. With survivors there is a lack of trust with the criminal justice system, with offenders it is hard for the one who have done their time to get a second chance. If we don’t support both sides then our homeless system is set up to fail. V.O.R.C. is truly dedicated to helping victims and offenders alike to overcome the barriers of day to day struggles and challenges. That is why the schoolhouse is a Memorial Dedicated to love ones who lost their life to crimes and violence, with a Redemption mind set for the offender wanting a second chance, getting reestablished in the community is hard but it is more harder living in a community when you lost someone. We need your financial help and support! to continue building our workshops and classes. We are 501c3 so any and all Donations are tax deductible. Would you please help us keep planting the good seeds of peace. Lets us open our eyes to the whole world so we can truly see the love within our hearts. Reverend Ed Roy

Priscilla Scott – President

My Story I am a mother of a murdered child.  I joined From Death To Life a support group for mothers of murdered children.  I became more involved with our lost citizens by doing what I can to improve our impoverished communities and its citizens.  I spent forty-five years in corporate America and want to bring my professional skills to this organization.

Shanay Steward – Accountant/Office management

Everyone goes through the rain. The wind blows you from right to left. But it’s how you choose to direct yourself. With  our Father up above we can handle all things. With our hearts open and our hand up high. We can succeed through the rain and all pain. As I was growing up I had a hard time I was a loner, I felt older than my age, in school it was so very difficult learning did not come easy for me reading, writing, spelling and comprehension was difficult. I suffered with ADHD, depression, social delay, dyslexic, I had a IEP and I was in special classes. My brain was always in a fog the people who new about my problem didn’t help and as I got older the new people in my life I would hide my issues from them because I was embarrassed or I knew they would see me differently. My grandmother told me to pray I didn’t understand why or what that would do at the time but it helped. It made me feel like I was not alone that someone was there listening to me. Who I was then and what I went through at a young age made me who I am today, I am someone who is understanding, who is caring, who loves, who is at peace and someone who wants to help others. Growing up I wanted to be a doctor or a social worker but life got in the way so I struggled to find my way, who I was, what was my purpose in life. This voice came over me and told me to help and so that is what I did I work in a group home, I’m a PCA worker I was a Advocate for the homeless and now I work for V.O.R.C  This company is for victims and offenders we strive to help those in need of housing, guidance, and the teaching of peace be still. This program is amazing with what we do now and what we will strive to do in the future. The sun will always shine. Your life is what you make of it. The people in your life are who you see fit to be in your life. Many thing might try to block your sun light. With faith, love and understanding. Your light will always shine so bright.

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